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Information Tools for Cycle Friendly Workplaces

Office worker arriving at work

Australian Greenhouse Office Staff Bike Fleet

Many workplaces around Australia are supporting their employees to use sustainable ways to travel during work for business trips and lunch breaks. Providing a staff bike fleet is an excellent way to improve the health and well being of employees, and a bike fleet places considerably less demand on parking space than other vehicles. The Australian Greenhouse Office launched its new vehicle fleet in August 2004, and information about managing a staff bike fleet is made available here through these in-house publications which can be used as sample documents for establishing your bike fleet.

Documents are available for downloading as PDF files. (PDF help) If you are unable to access these documents, please contact TravelSmart Australia to organise a suitable alternative format.

The Cycle-Friendly Workplace

Bicycle Victoria has produced an innovative guide to create a more productive, cycle-friendly workplace. For more information: Keyword "Workplace". Alternatively, copies of the booklet can be ordered by phoning 03 8636 8888, 1800 639 634 or emailing

Guide to setting up a workplace Bike Pool - Queensland Transport

Bike Fleet among the Largest in Australia Australian National University

RTA Ride to Work publications for employees and employers

Cycling to work, works! provides practical ideas to employers on how to create a cycle-friendly workplace. It also promotes the many benefits of employing a healthier workforce and tips on how to encourage staff to walk, cycle or use public transport to and from work.

Off to work? On your bike! promotes the many benefits of cycling as a viable work transport alternative to employees. It features quotes from regular and new riders, is full of inspiring ideas and practical tips for those considering riding to work. The brochure provides a host of useful advice on how best to prepare and equip for cycling to and from work.


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