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Public Transport

For many work journeys, the public transport network represents a real alternative to the car.

Using public transport not only saves staff money when compared to the total costs of running a car to get to work, but also allows them to avoid stress from driving in peak-hour traffic.

One of the biggest obstacles to staff using public transport is a lack of information. They want to know which ticket to buy, where to buy tickets and where and when the tram, bus or train goes.

Boarding the bus

This can be a simple matter of contacting your local public transport information centre for some timetables you can post in the staffroom. Alternatively, you can link to the timetables from your intranet.

Another incentive to encourage staff to try public transport is to offer interest-free loans for public transport use. This helps overcome staff objections to paying out what seems to be a large amount of money at once. Payment can be deducted in installments from staff pay packets.

You can also purchase a bulk number of tickets for use by staff during the day when they are travelling on behalf of work. This is cheaper than cab vouchers and especially good for short trips around the CBD.

Listed below are some public transport ideas you can include in your access plan.