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RAILCORP NSW/AGO/UITP Marketing Mass Transit: The Forgotten Sector

Forum and Workshop, Sydney, 8 April 2005


Office Workers Cycling


  1. Marketing Public Transport - What Works?
    Paul Littlejohns, Manager Marketing and Customer Information, S.A. Office of Public Transport
    • Download Workshop 1
      (uitpapril051.pdf - 5021 KB)

  2. 2005 Australian Passenger Transport (Golden Angel) Marketing Awards
    John Reeves, Principal, Track and Signal Magazine
    • Download Workshop 2
      (uitpapril052.pdf - 3862 KB)

  3. Best Practice in Marketing
    Mark Streeting, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
  4. Using Customer Understanding to Drive Marketing Strategies in Public Transport
    Dr Simon Barrett and Marc-Antoine Cousin, Principals, L.E.K. Consulting
  5. Best Practices in Reaching Older Non-Riders
    Eric Priestly, Brand Manager, Sydney Buses, State Transit Authority of NSW
  6. Citizen Advisory Groups: Achilles Heel or a Relationship Worth Fostering
    Ben Johnson, Community Relations Manager, RAILCORP NSW

The proceedings are available for downloading as PDF files. (PDF help) If you are unable to access this document, please contact TravelSmart Australia to organise a suitable alternative format.