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 This website is no longer being updated

The TravelSmart Australia website is no longer being maintained or updated but remains here as an archive for your information.


NOTE: The Walking School Bus™ trademark is owned by VicHealth

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Schools around Australia have opportunities to learn about and engage in healthier and more sustainable travel options through innovative programs and curriculum.

If you are a parent, student or teacher, you can use these resources to support primary age students to become aware of the impact of the car on the environment, the community and their health, and to try other forms of transport.

TravelSmart Chatterbox

Primary school groups and classes can play and learn about smart ways to get to school by downloading and printing this pdf and making their own chatterboxes.

Printed copies of the chatterbox are available by contacting TravelSmart Australia on

Chatterbox is available for downloading as a PDf file. (PDF help)

Walk to School programs

Children crossing a road

International Walk To School - October 2006

In 2005, more than 3 million children, parents, and community leaders from 37 countries around the world joined together in celebration of International Walk to School. This year's International Walk to School event will be held the entire month of October.

Want to organise a Walk to School Day event in your community?
This Website from the United States features 1-2-3 Steps.

California Walk to School Headquarters in the United States, share stories and on-line resources for short and long term walk to school activities.