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TravelSmart Teacher Resource Kit


For Junior, Middle and Upper Primary School Years

Learning about Travelsmart

TravelSmart is a teaching resource about travel options and the social and physical environment in which we live. It aims to:

Permission to copy any of the sections of this resource for personal or classroom use is granted. Apart from such copying, materials in this resource may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or reprinted in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

About the Authors

This teacher resource has been produced by the Australian Government through the Community Programs Unit of the Department of Transport and Urban Planning, Transport SA, South Australia. The principle writing of the resource was carried out by Sue Hazel, with Belinda Bonney acting as project manager and Diane Lee providing content direction and editing.

Sue is a qualified teacher librarian and has extensive experience in cooperatively working with teachers and learners in a planning and writing curriculum units for classroom work. Sue is currently at Moonta Area School Community Library, South Australia and is also participating in writing projects concerning traffic safety and curriculum. She is studying teacher librarianship at Masters level through Charles Sturt University and has a deep and abiding interest in information literacy and in the process and content of teaching information skills for lifelong learning. Sue sees the TravelSmart program as an excellent resource that engages people of all ages in learning about the 'how, when, when where, why, who and what' of environmental care through informed travel choice.

Belinda managed this project and worked in collaboration with the Australian Greenhouse Office to coordinate the handover of material. Her professional background includes experience as a primary school teacher and in the area of program development. Belinda helped to shape the direction of the toolkit based on her experience working with schools to implement curriculum programs and travel behaviour change activities. Diane worked with Sue in the final stages of the project, providing advice on inclusive teaching and learning activities as well as overall document style. Professionally, Diane has worked as a high school teacher, with a focus on language and literacy, and since commencing work with Transport SA has worked on implementation of the TravelSmart SA program in South Australian schools.

We wish to acknowledge the following individuals who have participated in the process of evaluating and suggesting new content for TravelSmart - Teacher Resource. Their knowledge, honesty and hard work are truly appreciated.

In addition, we acknowledge the contributions to the original resource, which have been adapted in this revised edition.

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The Teacher resource kit is also available for downloading as PDF files. (PDF Help).