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How to set up a successful bikefleet - a Toolkit

Bikefleet Toolkit Cover

Prepared by
The Bicycle Federation of Australia
for the
Department of the Environment and Water Resources, April 2007

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About the toolkit

The purpose of this Toolkit

The purpose of this Toolkit is to assist organisations that may be considering the implementation of a bike fleet. The Toolkit can help them do so effectively and efficiently. It can also be used by organisations that have decided to implement a bike fleet, or by individuals who are trying to convince management of the benefits of a fleet.

The Toolkit sets out:

Don’t be intimidated by the size of this Toolkit.

Setting up a bike fleet is not difficult – it requires some commitment, especially from management, a small budget and common sense. The Toolkit should help you set up a bike fleet more quickly and efficiently by learning from some of the people who have done it before. Remember that each bike fleet is different – use the parts of the Toolkit that are helpful to you – and make sure that you enjoy doing it!

Remember too – some of the problems you will face are similar to those which are treated as surmountable, but require much more effort and expense when setting up a vehicle fleet.