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Packaging the Travel Choices


This section will help you to understand how the range of travel choices available to reduce reliance on the private car can be packaged for particular travel markets or application sectors.

When attempting to reduce reliance on the private car it is necessary to package the travel choices available to people. The nature of that packaging depends on the particular target audience. In this section, consideration is given to programs targeted on:

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The segment on Workplaces emphasises the key role that ‘Access Plans’ play in facilitating travel behaviour change programs in organizations or employment centres. The following resources are also available to assist in the development of an access plan:

The segment on Communities explores the two main household-based travel behaviour change programs operating in Australia, namely ‘Individualised Marketing’, or IndiMark®, and Travel Blending® and how they link into broader community based programs to promote travel behaviour change.

The School-based segment explores the role of programs targeted on travel to and from schools. Background information is provided on ‘Safe Routes to School’ programs which are potentially very valuable in the context of TravelSmart Schools programs. This section also reviews curriculum based TravelSmart programs, Walking School Buses and the role of Individual Events and Activities in promoting the TravelSmart message.