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What's so good about cycling?

It's good for the health of your staff, which is good for you as an employer.

Cycling helps keep us fit and reduces both stress, and the chance of heart disease. People who ride to work arrive invigorated and can work off the day's stress on the way home.

Cycling to, from and for work also reduces local road congestion as well as air and noise pollution and helps Australia reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Healthy employees are more efficient, more productive and take less time off work. Employers can improve access to their site and have a greener image.

Cycling at night

In many countries, cycling is an accepted way of getting around in everyday life. We often think there is something culturally specific about these countries that makes people there more likely to cycle, but this isn't the case.

In countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, they too faced increasing urban sprawl and traffic congestion, but they made different choices. In Australia, we say -the journeys we have to make are so long- but this often isn't true. People can comfortably cycle 5 kilometres and many work journeys may be just that distance.

For longer distances, staff can combine cycling with other forms of travel, such as public transport.

For more information on promoting cycling:

Listed below are some cycling ideas you can include in your access plan:

Cyclist locking bike

Cycling and Walking Benefits

As an employer, you may be wondering what you get out of promoting cycling and walking to your staff.

Consider the following points, which show that active forms of commuting are not only good for your staff, they can also be good for the bottom line:

Cycle Parking

Where to put the bicycle stands? How many do we need? And just what is a Flat Top, anyway?

While there are a few factors to be considered when installing cycle parking, it's often a lot simpler than employers may fear. However, it's important to get it right because inadequate and unsafe cycle parking stands will deter potential cyclists.

There are some good points to keep in mind when thinking about types and location of cycle parking facilities.

Diagram of bike parking space